Rocky Ridge Tack
Rising Heart Ranch
G. & C. Lee and Sons
32859 Coal Coulee Rd.
Harrington, WA 99134
Working Headstalls
3/4" Taz Strap
Headstall ~ Trainer

Plain and simple using
headstall. This headstall
was made for a trainer.
Nothing fancy and no
chicago screws to come
undone. Simple barbwire
tooling, but border tooling
can be done.
As Shown $75.00
1"' Taz Strap Headstall

A little fancier than the one above. This one
has Jeremiah Watt conchos and hardware.
As Shown $85.00 USD

This is a great all around headstall for
trainers. It adjusts to fit a wide variety of
horses. Features all stainless steel or solid
brass hardware. Shown with stainless steel.
As Shown $95.00 USD
Left: Navajo Aussie

It's got a bit of an identity crisis, but this
Aussie is a real nice looker! Standard Aussie
with navajo border tooling. Any border tooling
can be used.
Right: Black Harness Aussie

Custom made, this is a super tough, nice
feeling headstall! It's built to last! Stainless
steel hardware.
As Shown $105.00 USD
As Shown $95.00 USD
Double Poll Aussie

Do you have a horse that rubs off it's headstall or shakes
it's head to get rid of it's headstall? Then give this one a try!
A good Aussie mate of mine sent me the pattern for these.
The headstall pictured is currently in Australia. It  has
barbwire tooling, and stainless steel hardware.
As Shown $140.00 USD
Buckle Diablo

This is a custom ordered Diablo style
headstall. It features buckle bit
attachments. This feature can be
added to some headstalls. Yes, for
some reason there is not a throat latch
in this picture. It does come with one, I
have no idea why it wasn't on in the
As Shown $130.00 USD
As Shown $85.00 USD
Right: MacKenzie

Cute simple headstall, dressy enough to go
to town, yet tough enough to use on the
ranch. Diagonal small basketweave with star
berry conchos.
As Shown $121.00 USD
Left: Short Cheek

This headstall works great for gag
style bits and hackamores. This one
has barbwire tooling and silver ranger
star conchos.
Rock Creek

Nice looking headstall with a classic
look. Barbwire tooling and stainless
steel hardware.
As Shown $110.00 USD