Asking $7.00 each OBO
Flat ring snaffle. 5 1/2" mouth, outside ring 2 1/2" I
believe it to be a nickel bit. Made in England, no rust.
51 HCC Copper Covered Curb with cricket. Arab size 4 3/4"
mouth. Copper cover provides contact with horses palate.
When reins are used cover gives horse advance notice of
pressure port will apply.  If horse responds properly, no
pressure need be applied by rider.  When horse brings
cricket into play, it relaxes horses lower jaw giving more
flexibility in head and neck. New this bit sells for $79.99
Asking $40.00 OBO
Rocky Ridge Tack
Rising Heart Ranch
G. & C. Lee and Sons
32859 Coal Coulee Rd.
Harrington, WA 99134
Used Tack
Spring cleaning on the ranch has begun!! Here are some great deals on some tack
that is no longer needed on the ranch. If it hasn't been used in  years, it needs to
find a home that will use it! All items are described in great detail to ensure you are
getting what you want. So, be sure to read the descriptions carefully! Any and all
flaws will be noted!
A couple of really nice Reinsman bits. These were purchased a long time
ago, used only a couple of times and tossed in a box. They are in like new
#442 Reinsman Solid Colt Bit, 5" mullan
sweet iron mouth. Reinsman Solid Colt 5/8
Bits that have a lot of natural flex can use
this bit to learn curb pressure and help
collect themselves without over flexing. This
mouthpiece is especially gentle for tugging
a young colt around. 5/8" sweet iron mullen
port, 5" cheeks, 5" mouth. This is a nice
transition bit from a snaffle to a curb. The
mouth has been lightly buffed to ensure that
it didn't have any extreme rust. It is in like
new condition! New this bit sells for $49.99
Asking $40.00 OBO
#532 Reinsman Mike Beers Collection, 8" cheeks, 5" mouth. Designed with excellent balance & leverage needed
for serious competition. The mouth looks severe but is actually comfortable to pack. Excellent for horses that are
high-headed when bit pressure is applied. Helps to break a horse at the poll to get the nose in & head down.
When in competition this bit will help lift the shoulders & lower the rear end for stronger turns & powerful stops.
This bit has been used maybe twice and then put in a box. Slight rust on the mouth and rubber rings at cheeks
are dry. New this bit sells for $54.95.
Vintage Quick bits. These bits have
been handmade in California for 65
years. These ones have some age to
them, but are still in excellent condition!
268 - Ported Snaffle. 5" mouth. The best all around bit.
Gives horseman opportunity to apply snaffle or curb
pressure  individually or together.  Use for training,
schooling,   correcting, pleasure, or performance riding. New
this bit sells for $79.99
Asking $60.00 OBO
Asking $60.00 OBO
Here is a variety of snaffles. Some were purchased
used and never used.  They are all in used but not
abused condition. Get a great deal on all of these
bits. Selling for $15 each for the three on the left
and $10 for the one on the far right. Or, $50 for all
Springsteen snaffles are a professional training aid and
should only be used by experienced riders on horses
that run through or lay on the bit. Attach the headstall
to the small loose rings and the reins to the large rings.
The spoons collapse onto the jaw as pressure is
applied to the reins in a Hackamore like function with
very little mouth pressure. 2" rings, 5" mouth. This bit is
like new! Sells new for $19.99.
Double twisted wire dee ring snaffle. This bit is in
used condition. Stainless rings, solid copper
twisted wire mouth. 5" mouth.
Shaped, flexible mouths infused with apple
flavoring are great for starting young horses and
rebuilding confidence in "bridle sour" horses. Soft,
comfortable broken mouthpiece encourages
quicker acceptance of the bit. Gentler than a
regular snaffle center. In like new condition. 5 1/4"
mouth. Sells new for $25.99
Tie Downs
These tie downs have been well used, but still
have a lot of life left in them! They haven't
been used for quite awhile though. These will
be cleaned and oiled before shipping. They
were left as it for pictures so that their true
condition could be seen.
Lariat nose tie down. Good condition. Sells
new for $18.99.
Leather noseband, leather has some
cracking, biothane tie down strap.
Noseband sells new for $19.00,
biothane tie down strap sells new for
Asking $12.00 OBO
Weaver black nylon noseband, black
biothane strap. Noseband sells new for $8,
bothane tie down strap sells new for $8.
Asking $20.00 OBO
Asking $12.00 OBO
Low port curb bit. 5" mouth some slight rust.
Asking $10.00 OBO
This is some sort of walker bit. It is in very used condition. It
could be used as it, or cut off the shanks and use the mouth
piece for a gag bit. 8" shanks, 5 1/4" solid copper mouth.
Asking $5.00 OBO
Chrome plated Tom Thumb snaffle bit. Brand new
never been used. Still has the $6.95 price tag on it!
Asking $5.00 OBO
Nylon Halters
Two nylon halters.

Left: Hamilton, large horse, red, soft, gently
used. Sells new for $20.00

Right: Weaver, 1" Average horse,
800-1100lbs.,  faded red, mildly stiff. Sells
new for $16.95
Asking $5.00 each OBO
Two nylon halters.

Left: Burgandy, no name, small horse halter, mildly

Right: Blue, Big D, faded, small horse/yearling, well
worn, buckle tongue needs straightened.
Asking $3.00 each OBO
Black Hamilton Average Horse halter,
800-1100lbs, with lead rope tied on.
I know this isn't exactly used horse tack. But, I
haven't made any pages for used livestock
equipment yet. Branding season is coming! If
you've always wanted a Ralogun or need a spare
or parts, here you go! It's all right here in the
original box! It has been used and is still useable.
New these sell for around $20.00
Asking $10.00 OBO