Rising Heart Ranch
I was raised on my family ranch south of Harrington. The pasture lands are
surrounded by the fertile wheat fields of the Big Bend country. The first
settler of the ranch was John H. Muller a Switzerland immigrant in 1880. He
was the second settler to the Harrington area, the first being in 1879. He
built a dugout for his home and from there built his ranch.
Other notable settlers to the ranch were John Bowers who settled where
my Grandparents house is in 1887. The homestead where my parents
house is now was built by Joseph Lightfoot Ball. Mr Ball was considered
one of the leading citizens of Lincoln County.
My family started living here on the ranch around 1916. My Great Grandpa
George Simpson moved his family up from Oregon to engage in farming
and ranching on his cousin John Gordon's ranch. That is where my
Grandpa John D Simpson was born in 1914. Great Grandpa was an
immigrant who came from Scotland along with my Great Grandma Agnes
who was also from Scotland.
They farmed in the days when it was true horse power. Their harness still hangs in the
barn as a reminder of days gone by. Horses and mules both were used to plow the fields
and harvest the crops for many years. As time evolved the steel horses took over and the
horses and mules were sold.
Soon it was my Grandpa John D Simpson’s turn at the ranch. The farming was all done by
track caterpillars now. The ranch continued with their nice herd of cattle as well. Grandpa
John D and Grandma Myrtle worked hard every day on the ranch. They did the work
themselves and had the help of their son Skip and grandkids during the summer.
My Grandparents are both gone now and it is my dad, Skip who is in charge of the ranch.
A lot has changed since my family first came here in 1916. Many aspects of the ranch have
been upgraded with time. The cattle still trace back to my Grandpa’s herd with new breeds
and bloodlines improving the current herd. The farming has been scaled back. My brother
and his family moved back to the ranch in 2004 to help with the workload. And now, it is
my turn. After going out on my own and then going through a divorce, I am now headed
home. My true home that has always been home in my heart.
Rising Heart Ranch is now merging with Coal Creek Cattle Company on the home ranch
south of Harrington. I’ll be bringing the experience that I have gained having my own ranch
and the experiences I’ve had from working for other ranchers. My cattle, horses, and
working dogs are also making the move. The boys and I are excited with this merger as
they will get to experience growing up on the ranch just like I did. It is a great place to
learn and grow. They also have their own herd of cattle started to continue the ranching
legacy started here by their Great-Great-Great Grandpa.
As time goes on I hope to research more about the history of the ranch and my families
role in it’s development. I will try to share on this page and hopefully be able to get some
more of the old family pictures on here.
The Ranch
The view above the falls looking North towards Harrington.
Great Grandma Simpson and Great Grandpa Simpson
Dad and I bringing home the
cows in 1999. He's on his
good mare Lady and I'm on
my good mare Cattle Kate.
Do you want to learn more about the ranch? There is more information about the
ranch and some great pictures on the
Ranch History page and the Ranch Present
32859 Coal Coulee Rd.
Harrington, WA 99134
Simpson family members out for a ride!
Uncle Tom Eickmeyer with Aaron on
Rusty, Aunt Catherine (Simpson)
Eickmeyer and Brian on Flame, Sally
Simpson (Mom) and Brad on Michelle,
and Skip Simpson (Dad) and I on
Muller homestead. A
beautiful sunset to
show off the windmill
and the boys enjoying
checking the dugout.