Rocky Ridge Tack
Rising Heart Ranch
G. & C. Lee and Sons
32859 Coal Coulee Rd.
Harrington, WA 99134
Old Timer Headstalls
The Old Timer Headstalls are perfect for Mounted Shooters and others who enjoy
the look of days gone by!
Morgan's Old Timer ~ 4 barb barbwire
border with silver ranger star conchos.
As Shown $142.25 USD
Another Morgan's Old Timer
with fancier conchos and
Hi-liter finish.
As Shown $146.00 USD
Starberry Old Timer headstall. This is
a very rich looking mahogany headstall
with antique starberry conchos.
As Shown $168.00 USD
Cattle Kate Old Timer headstall. Pretty
floral border with slotted conchos that
have a similar pattern to the tooling.
As Shown $142.00 USD
Tammy's Old Timer headstall. This headstall has
the same border tooling as the Cattle Kate. It has
ranger star conchos and an optional tie down
As Shown with noseband $212.00 USD