For Sale: $3.00 USD
Rising Heart Ranch
G. & C. Lee and Sons
32859 Coal Coulee Rd.
Harrington, WA 99134
Rocky Ridge Tack
New Tack For Sale
On this page is tack that is currently on hand and ready to ship. I hope to be able
to add several items to this page this winter. At this time I am not taking custom
orders. If you are interested in a particular item that is not on this page you can
suggest that I add it. I will try to work on that item as time allows to get it placed on
this page. I apologize for any inconveniences this might cause.
Purple Metallic Bling Bridle. This is a one of a kind,
hand made, hand sewn original from Rocky Ridge
Tack! This bridle is absolutely gorgeous in the
sunlight! I can only imagine what it would look like
under arena lights! Inlaid purple metallic leather
with Purple Velvet Swarovski rhinestones and
Jeremiah Watt buckles and conchos. Own an
original one of a kind bridle!!
For Sale: $225.00 USD
Left: Tuff Enuff to wear Teal!
This one ear bridle was made in
honor of my Mom and to show
support for Ovarian cancer. It is
an original Rocky Ridge Tack
design. Hand made, hand
carved ribbon on the cheeks
with custom metallic teal paint,
Blue Zircon Swarovski
rhinestones and Jeremiah Watt
For Sale: $150.00 USD
Leather curb chains in your choice of strap leather or
latigo leather.
For Sale: $8.00 Each USD
Out West plain slobber straps.
For Sale: $20.00 USD
Out West Diamond border slobber
Original Slobber Straps with 4-barb
barbwire border. Nice thick leather, these
are made to last!
For Sale: $25.00 USD
For Sale: $25.00 USD
Diamond buckle slobber straps with
4-barb barbwire border. This pair has
3/4" buckles. A nice alternative to
traditional slobber straps! For anyone
who likes to ride with a mecate who
needs to change bits these are a must
Out West buckle slobber straps with
spots. This pair has 1" buckles.
Round buckle slobber straps, diagonal
diamond basketweave, 5/8" buckles.
Kids spur straps. These are cute little
buggers! A little dusty from being taken
to a show that encountered a dust storm.
For Sale: $40.00 USD
For Sale: $45.00 USD
For Sale: $40.00 USD
For Sale: $35.00 USD
Penny ponies. Cute little coin holders! My
son made these as a project for
Christmas. 6 turned into 20! He sewed
most all of them with the deal that he
would get half of what they sell for. Here
is the excess from the Christmas bazaar!
If it has an RW behind the number it is
one of my sons.
#1 brown horse, ginger saddle, black
#2RW brown horse, metallic silver, black
#3RW brown horse, ginger saddle, silver
#4 Cream horse, brown saddle, brown
Ginger Penny ponies. Same deal as the other
picture. If there is an RW behind the picture
I'm splitting the money with my son.
#1 ginger horse, brown saddle, silver snap,
#2RW ginger horse, white saddle, brown snap,
#3RW ginger horse, pink saddle, silver snap,
#4RW ginger horse, metallic blue saddle,
silver snap,
#5 ginger horse, brown saddle, brown snap
(this one needs some adjusting on snap
before sale).
The white penny ponies! Same deal as the
#1RW white horse, metallic blue saddle, silver
snap SOLD,
#2RW white horse, ginger saddle, silver snap,
#3RW twin to #2,
#4RW white horse, ginger suede saddle,
brown snap.
Coin pouches. 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" Nice little coin
pouches with a chain key ring at top.
#1 Cream with brown snap/lace,
#2 bright green with brown snap/lace,
#3 bright green with black snap/lace,
#4 ginger with brown snap/lace,
#5 light brown with black snap/lace,
#6 Ginger with black snap/lace.
Smart phone case. Custom tooling, swarovski rhinestones in
flower centers, metallic silver paint, one of a kind! My phone
that fits measures 2 1/2"x5" This case won a best of show
award at the 2012 Lincoln Co. Fair!
Lace edged marble bags. These were initially made for
marble bags, but they will hold most anything. Super strong
lacing holds these bags together. 6" wide x 6 1/4" tall.
Hand sewn Marble Bags. Originally made for marble these
handy little bags will hold most anything. With fringe or
not. Fringe bag has oil mark which would go away with
oiling the entire bag. 4 3/4" wide x 5 1/2" tall.
For Sale: $4.00 USD
For Sale: $4.00 USD
For Sale: $4.00 USD
For Sale: $45.00 USD
For Sale: $12.00 Each USD
For Sale: $10.00 Each USD