It’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality! And, that is what we are
striving for. A quality horse that can handle any situation and go on to excel
in any discipline. A stallion is only half of the equation when it comes to
raising quality horses. These mares have been handpicked over the last 15
years for their dispositions, train-ability, temperament, cow sense, athletic
ability, and heart. If you are looking for a nice quality foal out of these mares
you need to call for availability. We don’t breed every mare we have every
Miss Peppy Brownie
1994 Red Dun AQHA Mare

Duck is truly one of our favorite broodmares! With her loving personality she quickly becomes
everyones favorite! She has produced some great offspring for us that are all highly trainable,
quick to learn, athletic, and quiet minded.
                                      Mr San Peppy
                                   Peppy Show
                                                   Noche Serena
          Peppys Ready Money
                                                   Ready Money Buck
                                  Ready Cotton
                                                   Buggy Star
Miss Peppy Brownie
                                                   Lawson’s Levan
                                  An Easy Grande
                                                   Smooth Ignition
          EZ Brownie Mix
                                                   Otoe’s Boy
                                  Otoes Brownie
                                                   Decka Baby
Never Dun Dreamin
2000 Dun AQHA Mare

Dunny is a great minded mare. Her offspring are quick and athletic. She has classic foundation
breeding which proves to be a good cross on Macs MK Bar! It's hard to find a nice young mare
with Two Eyed Jack right on her papers.
                                             Skipper’s Lad
                                          Classic Lad
                                                          Mary’s Polly
                  Robins Golden Lad
                                                          Dollars Golden Cloud
                                          Golden MS Robin
                                                          Robin King Mex
Never Dun Dreamin
                                                          Two Eyed Jack
                                          Jubal Troupe
                                                          Jubilee Pat Star
                  Dreamin Jube
                                                          Bar Tonto Jr
                                          Bar Tonto’s Dream
                                                          Chip’s Dream
Red Hot Fox 2002
2002 Liver Chestnut AQHA Mare

Hotti is a really nicely built mare that is a real eye catcher! She is a home raised mare out of one
of our best old ranch horses. This mare is double-bred Two Eyed Jack. Not inbred, double-bred.
This has produced a great minded mare with a lot of cow sense and athletic ability! Hotti passes
on those qualities to her offspring and has even added some gorgeous color as well!
                                                                  Doc’s J Jay
                                          Doctor Cheers
                                                          MS Twist Of Luck
                  Cheers Champagne
                                                          Two Eyed Blue Boy
                                          Blue Lahekin Sue
                                                          Lahekin Sue
Red Hot Fox 2002
                                                          Two Eyed Fox
                                          Two Fox Dallas
                                                          Amorita Bar
                  Foxy Dallas
                                                          Pretty King Cody
                                          Miss Jodi Lou
                                                          Jo’s Miss
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