Rocky Ridge Tack

This is a dark brown
basketweave headstall. It
has plain smooth slotted
conchos on the browband
and the bit attachments.
Frog Holler Fred

Same as the Breezy except it is
dyed black and has slotted
barbwire conchos.
Rising Heart Ranch
G. & C. Lee and Sons
32859 Coal Coulee Rd.
Harrington, WA 99134
Fancy Headstalls
As Shown $124.00 USD
As Shown $124.00 USD
Summit Valley

This one one of the first headstalls that I ever
made. It was sewn and assembled at the
Summit Valley Rodeo and completed in time
to compete in my last event for the day. It has
small basketweave tooling and silver ranger
star conchos.
As Shown $124.50 USD

This headstall was designed for a lady who
liked the shape of my standard headstall but
preferred one that buckled on top of the poll.
This one features navajo tooling and
engraved ranger stars.
As Shown $116.50
Barbwire Kim

Same style headstall as above. This
one features barbwire tooling and
barbwire conchos and buckle set.
As Shown $121.50
Diamond Diablo

This has been a very popular shape
of headstall. This one features a
diamond centered basketweave
tooling and antique berry conchos.
As Shown $120.00 USD
Celtic Diablo

Same styling as the Diamond Diablo with a
celtic centered basketweave diagonal
tooling. Unique V tooled browband.
As Shown $120.00 USD
Odessa Diablo

This headstall was made for a customer
from Odessa, TX. It is dyed black and is
tooled with the diamond centered barbwire
and has antique berry conchos.
As Shown $130.00 USD
Rancher Diablo

Ranchers take a lot of pride in their brand. This is a good way to
show off most any brand! Two different variations are shown here.
This headstall features barbwire border and plain cart buckles. Your
choice of conchos and your brand on the cheeks and browband.
As Shown $110.00 - $115.00 USD
Navajo Rancher Diablo

Similar to the Rancher Diablo except this one
has a navajo border and silver ranger star
JWP Black Concho Diablo

This is a super classy Diablo headstall! The
black centers really set off the black
backgrounds of the buckles and conchos.
As Shown $130.00 USD
Left: Diablo

This is the original Diablo headstall shown being worn
by it's namesake. I designed this headstall for my
great ranch horse. It looks great on bay and brown
As Shown $150.00 USD
Right: JWP Black Slotted Concho Diablo

Same as the JWP Black Concho Diablo with the
difference of slotted conchos.
As Shown $130.00 USD
Patriotic Diablo

Truly a one of a kind headstall! This is
sure to get you noticed. Each stripe is
carved and beveled, it is all hand
painted. Conchos and buckles can be
As Shown $175.00 USD
As Shown $110.00 USD
Dark Dot

This is a pretty simple yet fancy headstall.
Dark brown leather with choice of stainless
or nickle spots. The one shown has nickle
spots and simple old fashioned slotted star
conchos. Bleed knot bit attachment.
As Shown $110.00 USD
Magnum Brass Dot

This is a great SASS headstall! All
solid brass spots and hardware.
Flashy, classy, and in it's own way
As Shown $135.00 USD
Mahogany Rose

I love this gorgeous dark mahogany
headstall! It is really one of my favorites!
Rock Creek style cheeks with barbwire
and Jeremiah Watt conchos and
As Shown $120.00 USD
Concho Headstall

I always wanted to design a headstall that
was packed full of conchos. This is my first
design. This headstall features barbwire
border conchos, Jeremiah Watt hardware
and barbwire border tooling.
As Shown $130.00 USD
Triple Weave Concho Headstall

Unique triple weave tooling adds a little
pizazz to this classy headstall. Teamed up
with antique berry conchos and Jeremiah
Watt hardware this is a real show stopper!
As Shown $140.00 USD
Rising Heart

Custom made design for Rising Heart Ranch. This is
a gorgeous headstall with room to put your brand on
the browband and/or the cheeks. Custom border fancy
heart tooling.  These conchos are discontinued.
As Shown $125.00 USD
Telford Cross

Same style as the great Rising Heart with full diagonal
diamond centered basketweave tooling. Antique cross
conchos might be discontinued. Other cross conchos
can be substituted or you can choose your own
As Shown $130.00 USD
Available for immediate sale!